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The park’s impressive rocky mountains reach to the sky, but you don’t have to work hard to enjoy its wonderful countryside. Here are some of our favourites:

  • At Ardentinny the Riverside Trail is an easy, fairly level route by the water – it looks wonderful in spring when the bluebells are out.

  • At Corlarach, above Dunoon, trails will take you away from the buzz of the town to woodland where you might spot red deer or circling buzzards.

  • Puck’s Glen is as enchanted as its name suggests, with an exciting trek up a wooded gorge and drifts of rhododendrons in summer.

  • Try Lochgoilhead for trails that will feel as if you’re in very remote country. The woods here are alive with birdsong in spring.

  • If you do feel like something strenuous, Arrochar is the starting point for hill routes up the Arrochar Alps, including the famous Cobbler.