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Aros Park lies 1 mile south of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. Much of the park has historically been woodland, with a mix of early estate plantings and later commercial conifers, before acquisition by the Forestry Commission in 1957. Aros Park is a tourist destination and is the focus for a network of footpaths accessible on foot from Tobermory and by car.

The primary objectives for the plan area are: Commercial timber production for remaining productive conifers only; PAWS restoration; enhancement and protection of key habitats; provide adequate access infrastructure; protect and enhance cultural heritage assets; eradication of Rhododendron ponticum; protect and enhance water features; fisheries and water supplies; landscape improvement; review of management prescriptions; and taking into account guidance on forest resilience and diversification in response to climate change. Certification under the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme is another important objective to which the plan will contribute.


  • Autumn 2012: Initial stakeholder consultation
  • Public Consultation Drop-in, Tobermory
  • Autumn 2013: Plan approved in August 2013

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