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The Carrick and Changue Land Management Plan is an extensive area of conifer plantation that lies between the small village of Barr to the west and Tairlaw Toll to the east, around 12.0km south of Straiton in South Ayrshire.

Following analysis, consultation and development work, the land management plan for Carrick and Changue was formally approved on 6 November 2020 and is scheduled for renewal in 2030.


  • Winter 2017/18: Initial stakeholder scoping / consultation and drop-in meeting.
  • Spring 2018: Ongoing consultation and woodland design including coupe design, species choice and management proposals.
  • Summer 2018: Land Management Plan submission to Scottish Forestry as part of LMP approval process (the final plan will be placed on the Scottish Forestry public register for 28 days)
  • November 2020: Plan formally approved

Land management plan documents and maps

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