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Clashindarroch land mangement plan area is located just south west of Huntly, Aberdeenshire.

The plan area includes the main Clashindarroch block along with Brown hill and the Darroch Wids sites of Coynachie, Merdrum and Black Middens. In addition Ittingstone, Culdrain and Mains of Lesmore, all of which were recent acquisitions some of which are now newly planted, are subsumed into this plan.

Analysis of the available information has led to the primary objective being the management of the woodland for the production of a sustainable quality crop of timber.

There are additional secondary objectives for the future management of the woodland in certain areas of the plan area. These include:

  • The improvement of biodiversity potential in riparian corridors;
  • The improvement of the forest habitat for European Protected Species (EPS) and other protected species;
  • The restoration of non-forest habitats;
  • New woodland creation;
  • The maintenance of existing recreational facilities.

These objectives are specific to certain areas of the plan. See the plan objectives map below which shows where each secondary objective is relevant.


During the development of the land management plan for Clashindarroch we have consulted publicly including with local community representatives and stakeholders known to have an interest in the plan area.

The plan has been approved and is now active. It is due to be renewed in January 2030.

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