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Corlarach Land Management Plan (LMP) (PDF 680KB) was approved by Forestry Commission Scotland on 4th December 2017, following consultation with a range of stakeholders. The plan is valid for a period of ten years and will be due for revision in 2027.

The plan area occupies a broad undulating plateau overlooking the Clyde Estuary between Dunoon and Toward Point. Covering an area of 2707ha it rises from near sea level to a maximum elevation of 420m on Corlarach Hill. The woodlands are dominated by commercial conifers, chiefly Sitka spruce, with only small areas of other species. There are areas of open ground at the highest elevations.

A key objective of the plan is to maintain timber production whilst increasing resilience to storm damage and the threat of disease. This will be achieved by steadily increasing age diversity and introducing more species diversity. Increased diversity will have a number of other benefits including improving habitats and landscape.

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