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Cruach Tairbeirt Forest is located between Loch Lomond and Loch Long in the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park (Figure 3; Map M01), between Arrochar and Tarbet in the south and Inveruglas in the north. The total plan area occupies 895ha of mainly forested ground (Map M03). The slopes are often steep, especially in the southern half of the forest, but characterised with areas of flatter ground around the summits which includes areas of open habitat and areas of lower growth productive forestry. The plan area is highly visual on the local landscape as it rises from near sea level to 415m elevation.

The forest of Cruach Tairbeirt consists mainly of productive conifer species planted between 1959-1976; Larch species are found throughout this area. Larch are susceptible to the tree disease, Phytophthora ramorum, which is present in Cruach Tairbeirt forest. There are also native broadleaf woodlands of the Glen Loin Woods (an SAC and SSSI) and Kenmore Woods.

This is a 5-year plan developed to undertake a structured removal of Larch spp. from the Cruach Tairbeirt forest to minimise the spread of Phytophthora ramorum. It succeeds the plan submitted in 2015. The first SPHNs in Cruach Tairbeirt forest were served in 2022, and other FLS forests in the surrounding area have already been severely affected by P. ramorum (Maps M02a & b). A revised 10 year plan will be produced to succeed this plan which will cover the future forest in greater detail.


The plan area is centred around Ordnance Survey grid reference NN 316 068. A location map can be found in the link below.



The Cruach Tairbeirt Strategic Larch removal Plan was approved by Scottish Forestry on 27th October 2023 and is now in place for a period of 5 years, expiring on 27th October 2028.

Documents and maps

Plan documentation to be used during consultation can be found at the links below.


Appendices to the plan  - (coming soon)


  • M01 Location and Viewpoints – shows the plan area in its geographical context, and indicates significant viewpoints as illustrated in the Visualisations
  • M02a SPHNs in FLS Forests – Illustrates the location of SPHNs served up to October 2022 in the northern Cowal Peninsula
  • M02b SPHNs in Cruach Tairbeirt – Shows the location of SPHNs served up to October 2022 in and around Cruach Tairbeirt forest
  • M03 Current Species – Shows the current species mix in the forest
  • M04 Felling and Thinning – Shows the proposed clearfell and thinning coupes for this plan period, as well as those already approved and ongoing
  • M05 Future Habitats – Shows the long term change in species composition in the forest after felling an restocking has taken place
  • M06 Roads, Access and Haulage – Shows the existing and proposed new forest road network, and the amount of timber haulage associated with each entrance location during this plan period
  • M07 Designations – Shows the heritage and conservation designations in the area
  • M08 Visitor Zones – Shows the main areas for recreational activities in and around the forest
  • M09 Utilities and Constraints – Shows location of major infrastructure and related features including railways, electricity and drinking water


 These illustrate felling sequence and future restocking/habitats from key viewpoints. The locations of viewpoints are indicated in Map M01.

  1. Ben Lomond summit
  2. Cailness, on the West Highland Way
  3. The Cobbler footpath
  4. Firkin Point
  5. Inversnaid
  6. Inveruglas viewpoint
  7. Loch Long
  8. 8a. Stuckiedhu facing east, on the Three Lochs Way
  9. 8b. Stuckiedhu facing west, on the Three Lochs Way

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