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Following extensive analysis and consultation, the land management plan for the North Clydesdale Forests was formally approved in November 2017 and is scheduled for renewal by 2027.

A brief summary of the current plan can be found here (PDF 87KB)

north clydesdale


  • 2016 - site survey, site analysis.
  • January 2017 - creation of design concept for the woodland including social, silvicultural and conservation aims.
  • Autumn 2017 - consultation with local community and other statutory stakeholders.
  • Autumn 2017 - application for approval to the Forestry Commission.
  • Autumn 2017 - plan formally approved.

Land management plan documents

Approved land management plan (PDF 1MB) - main document containing the detailed proposals
Appendices (PDF 270KB) - supplementary documents supporting the proposals e.g. the management brief


Location and context maps (PDF 5.3MB)
• Physical and climatic factors maps (PDF 6.6MB) - maps illustrating local context, soils, climate & existing woodland.
• Survey and concept maps (PDF 7.5MB) – maps illustrating the key features, opportunities and constraints which led to initial concepts
Forest management maps (PDF 7.9MB) - maps illustrating proposed felling and operational access
• Future species and habitats maps (PDF 8.4MB) - maps illustrating proposed species choices

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