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Carradale land management plan (LMP) covers an area of 6704.3ha on the Eastern coast of the Kintyre peninsula in Argyll & Bute. The plan area comprises four forest areas: Deer Hill, Deucheran, Grogport and High Clachaig. The villages of Carradale and Grogport are located to the east of the forest.

The land contains a variety of different habitats, from conifer forest to native broadleaf areas and peat bogs. It is rich in biodiversity, sustaining different habitats and plant/animal species. There are also recreational interests within the plan area, including facilities from Carradale up to Deer Hill viewpoint.


Our objectives for the land management plan are:

  • Provide sustainable productive forest with a diverse range of species, taking into account future threats of climate change and disease.
  • Prioritise the removal of larch to help reduce the spread of Phythopthora ramorum.
  • Identify and prioritise deep peat areas for peatland restoration.
  • Protect and enhance cultural assets and key wildlife species/protected habitats, whilst removing invasive species.
  • Work to support renewables energy developments to help fit them to the landscape and be integrated with other land management objectives.
  • Maintain key recreational infrastructure, including the view from Deer Hill, and the use of Low Impact Silvicultural Systems (LISS) where possible.
  • Liaise with the local communities to ensure an understanding of their issues & opportunities within Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) proposals.
  • Identify and prioritise Ancient Woodland Sites (AWS) for restoration and protection.


  • April 2018: Community consultation in Carradale village hall
  • November 2020: External consultation of proposals
  • December 2020: Submission of plan to Perth & Argyll Conservancy for approval

Consultation documents and maps

The consultation will run from 1 November to 30 November 2020. Responses can be returned by email or post to the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Get in touch

If you would like further information or have any questions about this plan, please contact:

Jeni West
Forestry and Land Scotland
PA31 8RS

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 0131 370 5672