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Forestry and Land Scotland are at the early stage of reviewing the ten year Land Management Plan (LMP) for Duror forest. This scoping stage analyses the issues and constraints to be considered for its management and proposes objectives and priorities, short and long term, which will inform the preparation of the LMP Plan for the next 10 years. Duror is part of the wider North Argyll forest area and is covered by the Strategic Plan for the area, which provides overview and context.

The Duror LMP area covers more than 3,000 ha extending from 40 m to 510 m above sea level comprising more than 60% open ground, which includes the lower slopes of Beinn a’ Bheithir. Most of the forested area is commercial conifers, dominated by Sitka spruce but there are small areas of Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland (ASNW) and more recent native woodland, which will be protected.

A key objective for the forest is the continued production of timber but Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS) of high ecological value will be restored and native broadleaved woodland will be strengthened in riparian zones and on upper margins, to create a network of native woodland habitat. The upper margins of the forest will be improved to create woodland edge habitat and a more natural transition from the forest to the open hill. Native woodland will be expanded on the open ground at Lagnaha along the seaward facing slopes, eventually linking with the native woodland that will be restored at Glenachulish.

The open hill is covered by the Glen Etive and Glen Fyne SPA and part of the ground at Lagnaha lies within the Ben Nevis and Glen Coe National Scenic Area, with a small area involved in the Kentallen geological SSSI.

The land provides important habitats for a wide variety of flora and fauna but  it is also a valuable resource for locals and visitors. There are popular recreational routes through the forest including an informal route that links to Glen Creran and Glenachulish and a path to the James o’ the Glen Bothy, which is maintained by the Mountain Bothies Association.

Draft objectives

  1. Develop plans for the removal of all the larch from Duror, balancing the risk of disease spread with the needs of sustainable forest management and the safe recovery of the timber
  2. Implement timely thinning and manage LISS / CCF where this is feasible and compatible with required larch removal
  3. Build resilience by improving diversity of tree species and age categories; increasing the proportion of alternative conifers, as well as native broadleaves
  4. Review the restocking in areas with low YC on wet soils and where peat may be present in discrete areas or in a mosaic
  5. Grow some productive broadleaves, where this is compatible with safety, slope and soil conservation
  6. Restore the Plantations on Ancient and long established Woodland Sites of high-medium ecological potential to native woodland (within the current rotation where appropriate) and protect Ancient Woodland Sites - balancing the need for economic sustainability with restocking and management of low ecological potential PAWS
  7. Strengthen native broadleaves in riparian zones and develop a network of native broadleaved woodland that will eventually link through Duror, from Glenachulish to Bealach and Appin
  8. Improve visual amenity and landscape impact of the woodland, with a particular focus on the highly visible frontage to the public roads and settlement
  9. Recognise the importance of public access and the involvement of the community in developing the future design
  10. Work with neighbours and partners to reduce grazing/browsing pressure from deer and livestock, to protect planted and naturally regenerating trees and to maintain priority open ground habitats in favourable condition
  11. Design and manage the forest to deliver sustainable carbon management (adaptation, reduction, capture) throughout the rotation, while balancing productivity with resilience


  • Mid July – end August 2023: Public Consultation on the LMP Scoping Brief
  • 25th July 2023: Drop-in Consultation Event at Duror Community Centre 3pm to 6pm
  • Feb/March 2024: Public Consultation on the draft LMP
  • April 2024: Submission of final draft LMP to Scottish Forestry for consideration

Documents and maps

You can watch and listen to the video below for further information about the revision of the Duror LMP.


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