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Forth Mosses Land Management Plan combines the management of the existing Flanders Moss forest plan (~970 Hectares), as well as the Cardross forest area (~147 Hectares), which is not currently covered by a formal approved LMP; into a single new 10-year plan.

The Forth Mosses land management plan will see the continuation of the objective of lowland raised bog restoration at Flanders and minimal management input at Cardross to retain its current biodiversity as outlined in the previous plans.




Preliminary work on plan revision started in late December 2022 with draft concept maps produced for initial scoping in late March 2023.

We now have draft proposals ready for wider engagement and consultation with stakeholders. The consultation period provides the opportunity to raise issues that will have an impact on plan development. Stakeholders will have 28 days to respond as part of this consultation between January 8 and February 5 2024.

Consultation will take the form of direct communication with stakeholders, on site signage and local advertisement all directing to the information on this page.

Following consultation a final draft plan will be sent to Scottish Forestry for comment, following which it will be placed on the Public Register for final consultation. The plan will remain on the Register for 28 days during which time stakeholders have further opportunity to make comment.

Our proposals and supporting documentation and maps can be found at the links below.

Land management plan location and maps of key issues

Contact us

Please address comments during the scoping process to:

Planning Team
Forestry and Land Scotland
Ballanton Office