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We look forward to welcoming you to Scotland's forests. To enjoy your visit safely please plan ahead, follow local signage and park considerately.

Scotland's national forests contribute £1 billion to the economy and support 11,000 jobs. Many of these are in the growing and processing sector and in rural communities.

We want to ensure the continued sustainable timber production from Scotland's national forests and to grow this important sector for Scotland's benefit. We help achieve this by investing in restocking programmes – replanting (or naturally regenerating) areas after tree removal.

Sitka Spruce being planted

Our restocking strategy

Our restocking strategy is currently being revised and updated. We hope to publish revised policies before the end of 2021.

Why do we need a restocking strategy?

The sooner we restock, the quicker we can grow and harvest new timber, increasing the economic value of Scotland's forests. The strategy provides commitments to help us do that, as well as guidance on the use of productive tree species and how much we should plant. It sets out actions that help us balance restocking quickly with good silviculture and environmental protection.

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