Most of our visitor centres, car parks and mountain bike trails are now open. Check what’s open near you before you travel and enjoy your visit safely.

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Follow these tips to stay safe when cycling.

Don't rely on others

  • Can you get home safely?
  • Carry the right equipment and know how to use it.

For your own safety:

  • Always wear the right safety clothing - at least a helmet and gloves.
  • Only cycle within your abilities.
  • Only tackle jumps and other challenges if you are sure you can do them - have a look first.
  • Train properly, especially for difficult and technical routes.

On and off road

  • Expect the unexpected - watch out for other visitors.
  • For your own and others' safety always follow warning signs and any advice you are given.
  • If a vehicle is loading timber, stop and wait for the driver to let you pass safely.

Cycle carefully and please do come back soon.

For more on safe mountain biking see: Your safety

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