Scotland is famed for its rich heritage, and you can find a door to the past hidden deep within many of its forests. Ruins of ancient settlements can help us understand how people once lived, and there are plenty of stories and fables to bring forgotten places back to life.

Walk in the footsteps of history at the fascinating World War II sites that pepper the coast. From the remains of anti-glider poles that protrude from the sea at Culbin, to the still-standing pillboxes at Roseisle, there is much we can discover and learn from Scotland’s forests.



Industrial heritage sites

Explore the iron works, coal pits, lead mines and slate mines that shaped Scottish industry.


Historic townships

Visit the places Scotland's population once called home.


Prehistoric sites

From Neolithic tombs to recumbent stone circles, discover an ancient past.


World War Two sites

Discover the remains of Scotland's wartime coastal defences.


Historic woodland use

Learn about the different uses of woodland sites across the country.

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