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Callart LMP area covers 286 ha on the northern shore of Loch Leven, approximately two miles East of North Ballachulish and directly opposite and across the loch from Ballachulish and Glencoe. Surrounding land use on three sides is open hill with livestock grazing; the lower margin is bounded by the public road (B863) connecting North Ballachulish and Kinlochleven.

The forest has been managed for sustainable conifer timber production; the first rotation conifers were planted in the early 1940’s and the 2nd rotation underway in the 1990’s with felling and restocking conifers. A large proportion of the forested area is PAWS, mainly planted with commercial conifers leaving remnants of native broadleaved woodland mainly along burn‐sides as well as scattered throughout the plantation. The site includes various ASNW indicator species as well as old specimens of oak, ash and alder. Priorities have since changed, to expand the native woodland area through planting and natural regeneration with more limited areas of conifer stocking and eventual conversion to native woodland. Soils are relatively poor but variable, reflecting the underlying geology ‐ ranging from quartzite schist in the western section to lime bearing schist of Ballachulish slates on the eastern side. Species choice is limited by soil conditions and windthrow risk, which is high on the upper slopes.

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