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Glen Isla Forest is situated on the southern edge of the Cairngorms National Park. Appearing misnamed with Glen Isla being the glen to the west and south of the forest between Glen Shee, Prosen and Doll; Glen Isla is used as the generic term for the minor glens of Finlet, Markie, Damff and Taitney.

Tree planting began in Glen Isla in 1949 continuing for the next two decades. Through the 1950s Larch and pine were favoured with Sitka spruce in the 1960s. Restructuring of the forest started in 1993 when the first crops were approaching maturity.

The site is important for the habitat it provides for a number of Scotland’s’ iconic species of wildlife. The Forest is an important commercial forest supplying raw material to local and regional industries. With its location in the famous Glens of Angus the site also attracts recreational use both around the Backwater reservoir but also through the core path network through the rest of the site.

We're currently developing a new LMP for Angus Glens which will bring together the plans for Glen Doll, Glen Prosen, Glen Isla and Glen Markie. You can find the latest updates and how to get involved on the Angus Glens Land Management Plan consultation page. 

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