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The Pencloe Woodland Creation site is located in Glen Afton, around 4 km to the south of New Cumnock, East Ayrshire. Formerly Pencloe Farm, the landholding of around 180 hectares adjoins the existing Pencloe forest block managed by Forestry and Land Scotland.

This Woodland Creation scheme has been incorporated into the adjacent Pencloe Land Management Plan (LMP) area following approval. The main management objectives for Pencloe Woodland Creation support the wider LMP objectives and focus on:

  • Establishing a new productive and resilient woodland for the sustainable supply of timber.
  • Increasing biodiversity provision through well-connected forest habitat networks of native broadleaf species and riparian zone improvements. Protection of areas of Priority Open Habitat by removing grazing and retaining as open ground.
  • Protection and conservation of heritage features in accordance with the Regional Historic Asset management plan.


  • Development of draft brief and design concept | September 2020
  • External stakeholder consultations | November - December 2020
  • Press release and public engagement | December 2020 - January 2021
  • Development of final plans | January - July 2021
  • Submission to Scottish Forestry | September 2021

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