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This plan is a review of Forestry Commission Scotland's management of Quarrelwood located 0.5 miles west of Elgin. The plan covers an area of approx 176ha.

Quarrelwood represents an area of coniferous woodland, interspersed with smaller areas of broadleaved woodland and open habitats, including a proportion of heathland. Adjacent habitats include upland oak woods and coniferous woodland.

There are several abandoned quarries within the woodland that provide important habitat diversity. As they are unsuitable for commercial tree planting, they have been left to nature and have regenerated with broadleaves.

The primary objective for the forest is the production of a quality crop of timber. An additional secondary objective is the management of the woodland to provide a recreational resource for Elgin and the surrounding area.

The woodland contains a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) at Cutties Hillock, a disused quarry that has yielded a fossil reptile distinct from any found elsewhere in the world.

There is also a scheduled monument within the woodland. Quarrelwood henge is a rare and unusually well-preserved northern example of a small henge monument and, as such, may be expected to contain extremely important and potentially vulnerable archaeological deposits.


During the development of the land management plan for Quarrelwood we have consulted widely including with local community representatives and stakeholders known to have an interest in the plan area.

The plan has been approved and is now active. It is scheduled to be renewed in November 2028.

Land management plan documents and maps

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