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During 2023 we consulted on new management proposals for our Glenelg Peninsula landholding. In late December, we submitted the new, revised Land Management Plan (LMP) to Scottish Forestry for their consideration.

Upon approval, the revised LMP will replace the current, expired Plan – originally approved in February 2013 – and will detail how we intend to manage our landholdings over the next ten years (2024 – 2034) and our vision for the land over the next twenty five years and beyond.

The Plan covers an area of approximately 2,677 hectares (see maps below) and seeks to address issues around the following:

  • management of productive conifer woodland
  • ancient, riparian and coastal native woodland restoration
  • wider habitat management
  • conservation of scheduled and designated features in and around the Plan area
  • consideration of adaptation and the resilience of habitats and species to climate change

Our goal is to ensure all forests and open ground are managed in as practical and effective a manner as possible for broad social, economic and environmental benefit. A Brief document was initially produced to summarise the key direction and issues involved in this review and is still available below.

This consultation page now also provides all documentation produced for the new draft Land Management Plan submitted to Scottish Forestry for consideration. As part of their approvals process, Scottish Forestry will undertake a further consultation process with statutory stakeholders, as well as placing the draft Plan on their Public Register for a 30-day notification process, during which time wider stakeholders and the general public may make further comments and representations with regard to the Plan’s draft proposals.


  • November 2022: external scoping including notification of local and statutory stakeholders
  • November - December 2023: follow up on public consultation, began development of draft LMP
  • January - February 2023: public presentations & discussion of emerging new LMP
  • March - August 2023: production of all proposals and documentation for the new draft LMP
  • December 2023: submitted draft LMP to Scottish Forestry for consideration and approval
  • June 2024: final public consultation on Scottish Forestry’s public register
  • July 2024: assuming successful approval, the new LMP is due to come into effect

Documents and maps

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If you would like further information, or have any questions about this Plan, please contact:

Chris Marsh
Planning Forester
Forestry and Land Scotland
Tower Road