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Our tree nursery in Newton, in northeast Scotland, has been growing trees for 90 years. In that time much has changed. But there are still many changes to come.

Since the early days of the Forestry Commission, the teams at Newton have been gathering seeds and growing saplings ready to plant in forests throughout Scotland. They've seen the introduction of much machinery, and gained an unparalleled knowledge of all things in the forest. Growing saplings from seeds here means we can monitor growth and ensure we can develop the most, and most hardy, trees possible. Now, as an integral part of Forestry and Land Scotland, Newton is about to undergo a transformation. A £20million investment from the Scottish Government (announced early 2021) means we can double the size and capacity of the site, helping to become more efficient, produce more trees, and ultimately contribute even more to Scotland becoming a sustainable, net zero nation.
What is Net Zero?

Net Zero is a balance. Despite clean technologies and greater awareness of our impact on the planet, cutting emissions completely is not feasible. Net Zero is a state of balance which means the same amount of emissions will be removed from the atmosphere as are put in.

The Scottish Government has committed to achieving a Net Zero society by 2045. This is 5 years ahead of the rest of the UK. Renewable energy helps to achieve this by providing energy with lower emissions. We also help by planting more trees which remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


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