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Last Updated: 11 May 2022

This page provides details of the Forestry and Land Scotland procurement pipeline, including:

The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act requires Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) to produce a 2 year procurement pipeline, to provide potential suppliers with advance notice of future opportunities that may be offered in the marketplace, to assist with planning. FLS will always do its best to provide an accurate pipeline, however plans do and will change from time to time and this page will receive regular updates to reflect any changes that occur. If you would like to find out more about the scope of any of these procurements please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Procurements in progress

The following procurements are underway. Where links have been provided within the ‘Project title’ column, these will take you to further information about these procurements, including how to tender, where applicable.

CategoryProject titleIndicative route to marketTenders closeExpected award
Professional services SXL 0820 Engineering and Technical Consultancy Adoption of framework   December 2021
Mechanised forest operations Mechanised ground preparation services Open tender April 2022 May 2022
Manual forest operations Forest management services and Invasive Vegetation Control May 2022 July 2022

Dynamic Purchasing Systems Currently Open

Our Dynamic Purchasing Systems remain open for eligible suppliers to join throughout their life. Further details about our DPS and how to apply are accessible from the links in the ‘Project title’ column below.

CategoryProject TitleLive
Manual forest operations Woodland establishment services across Scotland 1 November 2019

Planned Procurements

The table below shows the 2-year FLS procurement pipeline. FLS often carry out pre-market engagement in the form of a Prior Information Notice (PIN) to inform planned procurements. Links to any live PIN notices are below and potential bidders are encouraged to engage with PIN processes, which will help develop tender requirements. Where known, the expected route to market has been indicated. However, this may change as the tender strategy is developed and for some procurements, this is currently unknown.

CategoryProject titleIndicative route to marketAdvert expectedAward expected
Mechanised forest operations Harvesting and extract services Open tender March 2022 May 2022
Mechanised forest operations Peatland restoration operations services Open tender January 2022 June 2022
Mechanised forest operations Responsive chainsaw operational services Open tender April 2022 August 2022
Supply of plants and associated products Supply of galvanised lifting and storage crates To be confirmed May 2022 November 2022
Supply of plants and associated products Supply of plants Open tender October 2021 September 2022
Haulage Haulage of plants To be confirmed August 2022 January 2023
Haulage Machine movement services via low loader To be confirmed July 2022 January 2023
Haulage Timber haulage services Open tender December 2022 July 2023
Supply of plants and associated products Supply of tree bags for treated trees Open tender February 2022 July 2022
Digital Transformation of finance, Purchase-to-Pay, and Business Planning Systems Competitive procedure with negotiation March 2022 February 2023
HR services Payroll and human resources software services Collaborative call-off  November 2022 April 2023
Surveys Environmental and soil surveying services Open tender May 2022 July 2022
Professional services Estates professional services (multiple specialisms including land agency services) To be confirmed September 2022  December 2022 
HR services Employee assistance programme services Collaborative call-off September 2022 October 2022
Fleet Supply of bulk fuel Collaborative call-off July 2022 September 2022
Fleet Supply of electric battery charging points – fast charge To be confirmed September 2022 February 2023
Print and office supplies and services Fuel card payment services for business vehicles Collaborative call-off June 2022 July 2022
Waste Waste removal services (including but not limited to chemical, organic, hazardous, general, sanitary, paper, and electrical & electronic equipment (WEEE)) To be confirmed August 2022 March 2023
Buildings Buildings Compliance Works (Hard FM) To be confirmed October 2022 December 2022
Fleet Supply of harvester and forwarder machines and spare parts Open tender September 2022 December 2022
Professional services Legal services Collaborative call-off January 2022 March 2022
Print and office supplies and services General office suppliers (inc IT consumables) Collaborative call-off  March 2022 April 2022
Buildings Concessions at Various Visitor Sites To be confirmed July 2022 October 2022
Fleet Supply of tyres Collaborative call-off   February 2022
HR Services Lone worker logging and tracking services To be confirmed June 2022 September 2022
Digital Network Services Collaborative call-off January 2022 April 2022
Corporate Supplies and Services Eustafor Conference To be confirmed June 2022 July 2022
Corporate Supplies and Services Conference Organiser Consultant To be confirmed June 2022 July 2022
Digital Electronic Records Management System To be confirmed August 2022 November 2022
HR services Techinical Training To be confirmed June 2022 October 2022
Corporate supplies and services Pay by phone Collaborative call-off April 2022 May 2022
Roading and infrastructure Civil Engineering Roads Maintenance and Associated Services Open tender June 2022 September 2022
Digital IT helpdesk management software services Collaborative call-off TBC TBC

Procurements recently awarded

FLS has recently awarded the following contracts. Please use the links provided to view details of successful suppliers, contract values and other relevant information.

CategoryProject titleAward dateLive/Expected live date
Print and office supplies and sevices Car park cash collection services August 2021 Live
Buildings Building maintenance works April 2021 Live
Fleet Capes vehicle lease September 2021 Live
Digital Cloud virtual desktop infrastructure software services November 2021 Live
Professional services Land agency services – short term needs October 2021 Live
Professional services Newton Nursery Project Management Services November 2021 Live
Print and office supplies and services Paper records storage services November 2021 Live
Fleet Supply of tractor for nursery November 2021 Live
HR services Occupational health services December 2021 Live
Digital Accident and incident reporting software services December 2021 Live
Surveys Ecological surveying services October 2021 Live
Digital IT helpdesk management January 2022 Live
Fleet Supply of drill rig November 2021 Live
Buildings Building maintenance works April 2021 September 2021
Fleet Plant lifting machines April 2022 Live

Under consideration

The following table lists requirements that are under consideration for inclusion on FLS' procurement pipeline. These requirements are not yet approved for the pipeline.

CategoryProject titleProject timingNotes

Procurement processes and terms

The sections above refer to some legal procurement processes and terms. The notes below provide a short explanation of selected terms to assist understanding:

  • a Contract Notice is the online document that advertises the tendering opportunity
  • a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is an electronic procurement process where the Contract Notice remains open throughout the lifetime of the DPS, meaning that new suppliers can apply to join it at any time
  • a Framework Agreement is an agreement between one or more contracting authority and one or more supplier which establishes the terms under which call-off contract(s) can be put in place between the parties, during the period that the Framework Agreement is live. The Framework Agreement itself is not a guarantee of work
  • a Call-off Contract is an actual contract put in place by applying the terms of the Framework Agreement. FLS also use the term ‘call-off’ when referring to contracts let via a Dynamic Purchasing System
  • Non-competitive Action – Letting a contract without competition, used in exceptional circumstances when normal procurement rules cannot be followed.
  • where ‘open tender’ is stated below, FLS anticipate the tendering opportunity being advertised on Public Contracts Scotland for any and all potential bidders to apply
  • where ‘collaborative call-off’ is stated, this means FLS are unlikely to advertise the opportunity on the open market and instead anticipate use of an existing Collaborative Framework Agreement or Dynamic Purchasing System
  • where we have indicated a ‘Category’, this is the FLS category grouping that we have allocated to the procurement. This helps us route enquiries about particular procurements to the correct teams.
  • more information on procurement journey terms can be found here

Please note that this page does not provide details of any planned, low value Regional tenders below £50,000 for goods and services, or below £2,000,000 for works, which are run by invitation via the Public Contracts Scotland Quick Quote facility. This is a standard process used by public sector buyers to advertise low value/low risk procurement requirements.  You can read more about this process here.

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