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Sometimes, for whatever reason, everyone gets stuck indoors. But imaginations still need feeding, arty hands need things to do and energy needs to be burned off. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of activity sheets. They’re great fun for all ages and are an opportunity to be creative and to learn.

And by helping to focus on the natural environment, the activity sheets are also a great way to bring nature’s calming and relaxing influence in to the living room.

We’ll change the activities regularly – so watch this space!



Spring activity sheets

FLS ChildrensActivities PrintableSheets B6 HiddenWordHidden word

Use the clues to fill in the grid and discover the hidden word...

Download Hidden word


Hand drawn illustration of a roe deer ready to be completed using dot-to-dot techniqueDot-to-Dot Roe Deer

Did you know summer is breeding time for roe deer? This is also known as ‘the rut’. Male deer, or bucks, fight each other using their antlers to try and win the attention of a female, (called a doe).

Download Dot-to-Dot Roe Deer


Illustrations of flowers, plants and insectsWhat-to-spot: The Garden Edition

Step outside and see how many of the items from our spotting list you can find.

Download What-to-spot


Hand drawn illustration of flowers and petals in black and whitePetal Power

Can you finish off these wildflowers by drawing on their petals? Or you could use pieces of coloured paper to create a collage!

Download Petal Power



Summer activity sheets

Black and white illustrations of a mole appearing from the groundMixed-Up Mole

The mole can’t remember how to get to its store of worms – can you help it find a way through the tunnels?

Download Mixed-Up Mole


Black and white illustration of a honeybee on a folded piece of paperChatterbox: Summer edition!

Fold and play this fun summer-themed chatterbox game!

Download Chatterbox


Black and white illustration of caterpillars eating a leafCaterpillar Calculations

These caterpillars are filling up on leaves before they turn into chrysalises. Can you count how many there are on each leaf?

Download Caterpillar Calculations


FLS ChildrensActivities PrintableSheets B6 ColourByNumbersColour-by-numbers

Follow the number guide and bring some colour to this playful blue tit.

Download Colour-by-numbers


FLS ChildrensActivities PrintableSheets B6 CrazyDaisiesCrazy daisies

Make your own bunch of cheerful paper daisies – or use your blooms to decorate cards and gifts!

Download Crazy daisies


FLS ChildrensActivities PrintableSheets B6 SuperSymmetrySuper symmetry

Practice your symmetry drawing skills to complete the missing halves of these beautiful butterflies.

Download Super symmetry


Hand drawn illustrations of woodland creatures in black and white, including squirrel, mouse and batWee Scots craiturs

How many Scots names do you know for woodland craiturs (creatures)? Use the word bank to help you fill in the spaces then colour in aw the braw wee beasties!

Download Wee Scots Craiturs