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Loch Awe is Scotland's longest freshwater loch. Its gentle shores are fringed with impressive conifer forests and gorgeous old oakwoods carpeted with mosses, ferns and wildflowers in summer.

View through trees to a wide loch

The forest wildlife here is varied and incredibly rich. There are big red deer and tiny wood ants, scampering red squirrels and soaring golden eagles. Spend a week exploring the waterfalls, hill lochs, crannogs, picnic sites and miles of waymarked trails and forest roads, and you'll still have plenty more to see.

Forests to visit

Wide waterfall flowing beneath treesBarnaline

Ancient Caledonian forest and cascading waterfalls



View over tree tops towards a lochCruachan

Feel small in the cool shade of Mackenzie's Grove: these big trees could be the tallest in the west.



Rounded mountain top above thick forestGlen Lochy

Quiet riverside picnic site with mountain views

Glen Lochy


View over tree-covered Glen Nant to Ben Cruachan mountainGlen Nant

You'll love the abundant wildlife and characterful coppiced oaks in this secluded and very special National Nature Reserve.

Glen Nant


Waterfall at Strone HillStrone Hill

Quiet riverside trails in oak and birch woodland

Strone Hill