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Boy and girl running along woodland path, their parents behind them

Six fabulous forests lie waiting for you close to Scotland’s northern capital. Get away from the city and breathe the scent of pines after rain, listen to birds singing on the breeze and enjoy open views to the far horizon.

Forests to visit

View through trees towards coastCraig Phadrig

Imagine life in the court of a powerful Pictish king and enjoy glimpses of Inverness and the Beauly Firth through the trees.

Craig Phadrig


Tree blocking the path on a stone bridgeCulloden Wood

Find poignant reminders of the battle of Culloden too, and a wishing well from pagan times.

Culloden Wood


Close-up of tree trunks next to a woodland pathDaviot Wood

Take a relaxing stroll in this forest on the city's edge.

Daviot Wood


Autumnal trees around a large lochLittlemill

A small forest with a rolling landscape of ridges and lochans, and beautiful wildflowers in spring.



Sunset sky above a forested hillOrd Hill

Pretty, mixed forest leads to some of the best views in Inverness.

Ord Hill


Hillside conifers bathed in mistReelig Glen

Explore a spectacular gorge and pay your respects to the tallest trees in Britain!

Reelig Glen