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COVID-19 and Forestry and Land Scotland

FLS has reduced its operations to felling that is contributing to essential business requirements to help keep Scotland ticking over. Our staff are working from home where possible; staff who are working continue to practise social distancing rigorously following Government and NHS guidance to keep safe.

Fresh air and being outdoors benefits physical and mental health and well-being, and for local visitors the majority of walking trails on Scotland’s national forests and land remain open. Be aware that staff cannot maintain our standard checks and maintenance. All our mountain biking trails and all car parks are closed.

All visitors are reminded to maintain social distance at all times.

Latest on COVID-19

Your first view of Arran from the ferry is of craggy Goatfell towering above the island and the green softness of low-lying forests all around.

A quarter of the land is forested and many of the island's animals and birds live in the woods. Arran is a red squirrel stronghold and you won't be able to miss their busy forest activities at dawn or dusk.

Peaceful walks and gorgeous views are guaranteed. With ever-changing birdlife and plenty of archaeology to seek out too, you might just have to come back…

The Giants' Graves at South End

Forests to visit

brodick castle wide thumb

Brodick Castle

Miles of woodland trails around a perfect Scottish castle and the start of the hillpath to Goatfell.

dyemill wide thumb


Follow a rushing stream through fresh, green, native woodland and find evidence of past peoples wherever you go.

glenrickhard wide thumb


Walk here from the ferry for scampering red squirrels, ancient standing stones and superb views of Goatfell.

kings cave wide thumb

King's Cave

Enjoy scenic views, sheltered forest paths and an unusual raised beach on your way to the legendary King's Cave.

north sannox wide thumb

North Sannox

Choose between an easy walk by the sea or a rewarding climb through the forest - the views from both are breathtaking.

south end wide thumb

South End

Hang out over Glenashdale Falls, think big at the Giants' Graves and then cycle for miles through gorgeous native woodland.

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