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The Easter Ross Land Management Plan sets out how we intend to manage 7307 hectares of forest in the area west of Tain, Ross-shire, between 2014 and 2024.

The primary aims of the plan are to maintain a productive timber source, whilst contributing to biodiversity targets through the conservation of important species, restoring ancient woodland sites, the expansion of native woodland and the restoration of riverside woodland.

We are particularly keen to improve conditions for capercaillie, red squirrel, black grouse, juniper, pearl bordered fritillary, salmon and sea trout.

Update 2021: In 2021 we conducted a mid-term review during which we’ve made some changes to the plan. Overall objectives have remained unchanged but individual felling and restock coupes have changed to respond to disease progression, windblow and environmental constraints. The new maps can be found below.

Documents and maps

Documents (2021 Mid-term review)

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