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The Teindland Land Management Plan area is located in Moray and is comprised of a single large block, situated approximately eight miles South East of Elgin.

The Land Mangement Plan (LMP) area covers 1218 hectares of forestry in total, including a high proportion of commercial conifer woodland with areas of open moorland and riparian valleys also present.

Analysis of the available information has led to the following objectives for the Teindland LMP area:

Primary objectives

Objective 1: Ensure that the forest continues to contribute to East Region’s timber production targets. Undertake the planned thinning and felling programme during the plan period in order to increase the quality of the timber and to meet the production targets.

Objective 2: Manage Teindland Quarry SSSI area so as to maintain its favourable condition classification. Adhere to SSSI management plan to maintain current condition.

Secondary Objectives

Manage the deep peat areas to maximise their carbon sequestration and storage potential. This will include investigating known areas of deep peat within the block and carrying out restoration work where it is likely to increase the carbon capture potential of the area.

Improve the riparian zones within the plan area.  Riparian zones that are felled within the plan period have been, or are planned to be, restocked with native woodland and open ground. Non-native regeneration will also be removed where feasible. Increase the area of open ground in order to move towards the UKFS requirement to have 10% open ground within a management unit.


This plan is now active and is scheduled for renewal in November 2033.

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