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We are currently carrying out a Land Management Plan (LMP) revision to help us determine future management proposals for the Dalchork block. An LMP details how we intend to manage our land over the coming 10 years and indicates our vision for the next decades and beyond. This revision covers all forest and land managed by Forestry and Land Scotland in the Dalchork area, a total of approximately 10,276 hectares.

Through the new plan we intend to address issues around resilience to climate change, deer pressures and the health of the numerous watercourses in the area. We want to make sure that the forests provide future economic and social benefits to the residents and visitors, and that ecological value is retained and enhanced.

February 2024 Progress Update

Please read the update and view the maps attached below.


  • Scoping: July 2023
  • Draft Plan Completion: October 2023
  • Consultation: November 2023
  • Review Draft: December 2023
  • Internal Review: January 2024
  • Submission: March 2024

Documents and maps

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