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Westfield is an estate of 330 hectares half of which is open hill with the remainder plantation woodland and woodland glades. The site has close links with the local community in Alyth. The Alyth Community Woodland lies within the Westfield site.

Westfield is a locally important recreational destination. The site is well used by walkers both local and those embarking on the Cataran Trail. Mountain biking within the site has been boosted with the fantastic community run Alyth Bike Park.

Environmentally important, the site is lucky enough to include part of the Den of Alyth Site of Special Scientific Interest, a site designated for Upland Mixed Ash Woodland. Chalara Ash Dieback is threatening the short term continuity of this woodland type. The open ground on the Hill of Alyth is an interesting matrix of gorse scrub and grassland.

The purpose of the new Land Management Plan is to set out objectives and prescriptions in detail for the next ten years and to outline the longer-term direction. Along with the management of the larch trees to reduce the impact of disease this plan will look at the open hill ground and open ground within the woodland area to take opportunities to improve the site for biodiversity. This is especially important on this site given the habitat linkage through the Den of Alyth to the larger river systems downstream.

The consultation and subsequent plan will help us to meet the desires of the local community and fulfil the legal and certification requirements of sustainable forest management as required by the UK Forest Standard and the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme.


After a helpful public meeting in late July the plan is moving towards a final draft. Our aim had been to complete the plan by October 2019.

With the announcement of the Climate Emergency we have been instructed by Scottish Ministers to examine all open ground within the land we manage for opportunities to increase tree cover. The Westfield block as a whole has only 30% tree cover. We are therefore working to identify areas which may be suitable for conversion to commercial broadleaf, native broadleaf and montane woodland..

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