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A now moss covered World War Two bunker.

On 1st September 1939, Germany invaded Poland. Two days later, Britain and our allies declared war on Hilter's Nazi Germany.

A defence plan was developed that involved the whole country. The archaeological remains of coastal defences are still visible in many sites across Scotland. Today you can visit the sites that played a key role in our and discover traces of the past that are hidden in Scotland's forests.

A group of lumberjills pose together, one is holding up an axe.

Meet the Lumberjills

Women played a key role in the war effort during World War Two. The Women's Timber Corps formed an important part of the Women's Land army.

Workers of the British Honduran Forestry Unit

British Honduran Forestry Unit

Following a request for volunteers, almost 900 men braved the journey across the Atlantic to help with Britain's wartime timber production.