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We look forward to welcoming you to Scotland's forests. To enjoy your visit safely please plan ahead, follow local signage and park considerately.

About a third of the land we manage is open ground, providing a diverse range of habitats for a huge number of species.

Much of this open ground exists because it is too high or too wet to plant. In other cases we're deliberately leaving areas of open ground in newly created forests to conserve important habitats.

Large area of grassland with different species of wildflower

We’re also working to restore some of our rarest open habitats – including lowland raised bog and blanket bogs. We carry out conservation management of wildflower meadows and coastal sand dunes.

In some places, we’ve even introduced conservation grazing to enhance biodiversity. Grazing is needed to preserve grasslands as early stage successional habitats, supporting many different species of plants and insects.

Conservation stories

Man cutting trees to clear way for bogLowland raised bog

Lowland raised bogs provide a unique home for a variety of plants, animals and insects, and are an important store of carbon.

Lowland raised bog


High level bog with mountains and lochs in distanceBlanket bog restoration

A type of peatland found in the uplands, blanket bog are a home to many threatened birds.

Blanket bog restoration


Highland cow staring at cameraConservation grazing

Sometimes, grass-eating animals can be of huge benefit to the success of habitat improvement programmes.

Conservation grazing


Pink flower in grasslandCoronation meadows

In an effort to reverse the loss of wildflower meadows, each county in Britain was asked to identify one locally. We're priveleged to manage two!

Coronation meadows

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