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The Crianlarich Land Management Plan (PDF 2.1MB) was approved by Scottish Forestry on 29th June 2020, following consultation with a range of stakeholders and will be due for revision in 2030.

The plan area consists of two forest blocks to the south and east of the village. The northern and western boundaries are defined by the A82 and A85 trunk roads, while the south and east is open land rising to several peaks over 3000 feet elevation. The total area is 1379ha of which 653ha (47%) is woodland. The woodlands are dominated by commercial Sitka spruce plantation and all other species amount to only 25% of the area of that species. A process of restructuring aimed at increasing both age and species diversity has been ongoing for the past 10 to 15 years and a key objective of the new plan is to continue this process: in particular to restore ancient woodland sites that have been planted with non-native conifer.

Timber production using non-native species will remain an important part of management in Crianlarich but there are a number of other key issues that will be addressed. These include taking into account the visibility and landscape setting of the woodlands, protection and possible expansion of key habitats and designated sites and protection of heritage features.

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