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Inverness Woodlands Land Management Plan is an amalgamation of Culloden Woodlands, Ord Hill, Craig Phadraig and Daviot. Inverness Woodlands now stretch from the Black Isle in the north to Daviot in the south, and from the Western edge of the city of Inverness to Cawdor in the east. Inverness woodlands cover an area of approximately 1156 ha of largely mixed coniferous forest.

The plan period extends from 2019 to 2029.



  1. Location map (PDF)
  2. Key features map (PDF)
  3. Analysis and concepts maps (PDF)
  4. Craig Phadraig management & future species map (PDF)
  5. Culloden management map (PDF)
  6. Daviot management and future species map (PDF)
  7. Ord Hill management map (PDF)
  8. Culloden species map (PDF)
  9. Ord Hill future species map (PDF)
  10. Craig Phadraig thinning map (PDF)
  11. Culloden thinning map (PDF)
  12. Daviot thinning map (PDF)
  13. Ord Hill thinning map (PDF)
  14. Ord Hill and Craig Phadraig soils map (PDF)
  15. Culloden and Daviot soils map (PDF)
  16. Ord Hill future habitats and species map (PDF)
  17. Craig Phadraig and Ord Hill deadwood map (PDF)
  18. Culloden and Daviot deadwood map (PDF)
  19. Craig Phadraig felling map (PDF)
  20. Culloden felling map (PDF)
  21. Daviot felling map (PDF)
  22. Ord Hill felling map (PDF)
  23. Native woodland map (PDF)
  24. Recreation and archaeology map (PDF)
  25. Water map (PDF)

This plan was on the public register between 12 February and 11 March 2020. It was approved by Scottish Forestry in March 2021.

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