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Glenachulish forest is located on the southern shore of Loch Leven and the eastern shore of Loch Linnhe, where the lochs converge near the Ballachulish Bridge. It covers 1,122 ha of commercial conifer plantation, native broadleaved woodland and open ground, extending from sea level to an elevation of 1020 metres.

The land holding includes 576 ha open ground (including unplanted stream sides) and 455 ha forested ground, with a further 80 ha of felled, failed or windblow, which could potentially be restocked. Conifer species cover 356 ha of the forested ground.

The forest is above the communities of Ballachulish, Glenachulish and Kentallen. Most of it is highly visible in the landscape and is on extremely steep ground. There are extensive areas of Ancient Semi Natural Woodland (ASNW) and Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS).

Documents and maps

Below, you'll find maps and documents relating to all aspects of the plan. The Storyboard is an active walk-through of the plan, taking you through the plan in order.


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