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The Land Management Plan (LMP) covers Glenhurich Forest, located around the village of Polloch on the south east side of Loch Shiel in Lochaber. The forest lies immediately adjacent to two other FLS forests – Loch Shiel and Achanellan and all share the same haulage route along the forest road on the east side of Loch Shiel.  The public can access Glenhurich from Strontian via public road U1313. The forest and associated open ground covers 4400ha and extends from five metres at Loch Shiel to 795 metres on Druim Garbh on the south eastern boundary. The topography is dominated by steep sided glens, oligotrophic watercourses and lochs forming a secretive and impressive location. The soils are variable, often thin and infertile which limits tree species choice in places. The LMP area also forms the entire catchment of the River Hurich which is an important salmonid habitat. The proposals to create an extended riparian habitat around the main rivers reflects the desire to further improve protection for this habitat and provide resilience in a changing climate. The extended riparian habitat creation and PAWS restoration form part of the protection and expansion of Scottish Rainforest habitat in the wider landscape in Ardgour and Ardnamurchan.The LMP area comprises of designated Oakwood; plantations on ancient woodland sites; semi-natural woodland; commercial conifer plantation; and large areas of priority and non- priority open habitats which account for over 50% of the LMP area.

The 2022 – 2032 LMP is prepared with resilience in a changing climate as the driving factor for forest, land, soils, water and biodiversity. We welcome your questions and comments on the draft LMP and maps



Community consultation event

The drop-in public consultation took place on Thursday 29th September 2022 (2pm to 6pm) at the Strontian Centre at the Ardnamurchan High School in Strontian village. These consultation documents will remain on the FLS website for public feedback until 20th February 2023.


  • Final Draft consultation – 20th January to 20th February
  • 2023 Send to Scottish Forestry – end of February 2023

Land management plan documents and maps

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