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An iron community

Established in 1779 near Forth, Scotland.  Its story is one of great enterprise, innovation, family disputes, hard work -  the story, in fact, of the early industrial era in Scotland.

The ruined engine house at Wilsontown Ironworks, Lanarkshire

Voices from the Ironworks

It's 1807 and the Ironworks is at its peak. Wilsontown is bustling with thousands of workers and families. Hear owner John Wilson describe how the Ironworks came about and his hopes for the future. Listen to young Robbie Barrie and miner's wife Mary Reid tell us about their lives at the works. And find out why Samuel Nimmo came all the way from Shropshire, England to work here.

Wilsontown in the media

A short feature film is available on YouTube about the Ironworks and a Walking Theatre event to bring the history of the works to life for visitors.

Wilsontown also featured on Radio Scotland's 'Digging Up Your Roots' programme. Ranger Emma Stewart, who helps look after the Wilsontown site, talks listener David Wilson, who believes he may be related to the founders of the Wilsontown Ironworks.

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