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Outdoor & Woodland Learning (OWL) Scotland have created a range of useful guides and learning resources about trees and forests. They're suitable for schools and community groups but are equally fun for anyone interested in the outdoors. Download some of our favourites on this page.

Tree stories

Learn about the Lady of the Woods, the silver birch, and why she wants to dance, and how the ash tree came to be the Tree of Life. The children’s book Tree Stories, written by Claire Hewitt, chronicles 12 tree stories, one for each month of the year, with background facts on each tree and its folklore. Tree stories is available in English and Gaelic.

Tree stories


Gaelic alphabet

Did you know the Gaelic alphabet is based on trees? Our Gaelic alphabet poster illustrates the 18 letters of the Gaelic alphabet and how each letter relates to a tree.

Gaelic alphabet poster


The Gaelic poem poster also eloquently links tree names and the Gaelic alphabet through prose. An English translation of the poem is available too.

Gaelic poem poster